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At Torque Automotive, we understand that auto repairs can be an inconvenience.  We work hard to ensure that all repairs are completed in a timely and cost effective manner because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.    Trust us to provide you and your vehicle with the best customer and auto repair experience.


Is your vehicle's check engine light on?  The check engine light can be a major source of stress for many, as they begin to envision the exorbitant costs associated with such a tiny light; however, a check engine light can be caused by something as small as a faulty sensor or past-due maintenance.  Schedule an appointment today, and we will help you avoid any unnecessary vehicle related stress.


Did you know that an exposed wire in the harness of your vehicle could lead to a costly computer module replacement?  Don't roll the dice with electrical issues, we will diagnose your vehicle properly so that you can be on the road quickly and safely.


In South Texas, air conditioning is a necessity year round.  If your air conditioning is not functioning properly, let our technicians inspect your vehicle for any leaks or electrical issues that might hinder the performance of your air conditioning system.


We understand that you are carrying precious cargo in your vehicle at all times, and that brakes are a crucial element of your daily commute.  Maintaining the performance of your vehicle's brake system is essential to your family's safety.  Our brake specialist will conduct a 12 point brake inspection to ensure the quality of your brake system.


By following recommended maintenance schedules, you can extend the life of your vehicle, reduce the probability of mechanical failures, and save money over the long term.  Don't procrastinate on your vehicle's maintenance, and call us to set up an oil change, tune-up, or coolant flush today.

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